INTELLIscribe LPR Print Client

INTELLIscribe® is a TCP/IP Print Client supporting the LPR/LPD protocol and HP JetDirect® printers. INTELLIscribe will spool and print data to any networked printer, hardware print server, Windows® LPD, UNIX LPD, AS/400 LPD, or mainframe LPD without needing a network server! INTELLIscribe offers an inexpensive way to print via the LPR protocol from ANY Windows platform.

Print to any IP address with INTELLIscribe

Enhanced and Hard-to-Find Printing Functions

Features Include:

  • Supports Shared Printers
  • Round Robin Printing
  • Broadcast Printing
  • Fail-Over Printing
  • Archiving and Reprint
  • Print Destination Balancing
  • Drag & Drop Printing
  • Easy Reprint
  • Service Location Protocol

INTELLIscribe boosts your printing capabilities by offering features not found in other print clients or Windows® printing options. INTELLIscribe proves to be a robust and useful tool for enabling and enhancing printing capabilities in environments where a domain server is not used or when the server is not available.

Testing shows the new and improved INTELLIscribe transmits information much faster than before, increasing printing speed. LPR client printer (or LPR Print Client) can be installed on All Windows platforms with exception to Windows 95.

Track and Manage Print Jobs

INTELLIscribe's user interface lets you know exactly what is going on with your current and past print jobs. INTELLIscribe reduces the cost and aggravation over lost print jobs. It's fully integrated with Windows printing; configuration can be done through standard Windows printer setup. INTELLIscribe makes a TCP/IP printer look like a local printer allowing all Windows users to print from Windows to anywhere!

Newsroom Script Printing with INTELLIscribe

Newsrooms are using INTELLIscribe's broadcast printing function alongside their newsroom systems to easily print scripts simultaneously to multiple network printers.

Before INTELLIscribe, printing multiple, colored copies of a script was tedious and time-consuming. Now news stations can rely on INTELLIscribe to print scripts generated from their existing newsroom systems (iNEWS™, ENPS®, and others) quickly and reliably. Click to read more about Newsroom Script Printing.